Systemic/ Family Constellations

Systems are like cultures – there are many and each system is embedded in other systems. Our body is a system which has subsystems such as cardiovascular, neurolymphatic, energetic (meridians and nadis), electric, muscular. One element in such a system affects and is affected by all the other elements. If one is out of balance, the whole system can be unbalanced. Systems are also families, companies, organizations, teams, groups, nations, cultures.

Imbalance can be signaled by behavior and feelings which can not be logically explained. Why is the ten year old performing badly at school when he/she is intelligent and healthy? Why can one family member simply not accept another? Why does a successful adult feel threatened or endangered? Why does a talented professional not succeed as their talents would show that they should? Why does the product not sell? Why can the boss not delegate? Why does the same pattern repeat itself in different situations?

These are a few examples of the infinite variety of imbalances within individuals or systems. When the underlying misconceptions and malfunctioning programs are revealed, new and productive ways take their place.

Here again, what is really at work is often beneath the surface of the conscious mind. Thinking and logical reasoning powers do not yield results. It is not the action but the basis of the action that needs to be addressed. Once the foundation is solid, necessary actions fall into place. Until the fundamental issues are resolved, actions may be a waste of time, resources and money!

A systemic constellation workshop may be done with an individual in a session, or with a group in which the various members take on whichever roles are required to bring clarity and resolution.

The point is: it works! No longer beat your head against a wall but let the wall dissolve before your eyes to reveal a myriad of new possibilities!