Individual Cases

Mary is a successful businesswoman who still suffered from past childhood pain. Her parents were divorced, she and her siblings split up between them. Two camps developed, each hostile to the other. Mary suffered at this division in her family. Why couldn’t they come together as a family should? The separation continued even when the children had become adult. Mary found it intolerable that her family could not reconcile. After one session, her distress was resolved. She no longer felt upset at the situation which had been going on for so long and was still the same. But after the session, Mary was now different. She was able to look with love upon all members of her family without expecting them to change. She could now have her own loving relationship with each member, and accept them as they were. Kinesiology reframes the situation so that the pain and stress are gone.

Peter is an entrepreneur who used to work day and night. He could have hired employees to carry part of his load, but he did not allow himself to. His health and relationships were suffering. He was stressed. After a session, Peter learned that his grandfather had also run his own company. There had been a fire in which some workers had died. Peter had subconsciously taken on this trauma and felt he could not have his own employees, as some catastrophe would befall them. This is an example of how the logical solution – to hire workers – just does not or can not happen. Where there is no understandable reason for the behavior, it is usually that something is going on below the surface of the conscious mind. After Peter’s session, the old inherited trauma could be resolved and Peter could deal with his business on a purely rational basis, free from the subconscious limitations.

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