Help is at Hand! An End to Suffering

Just to remind you that things do indeed happen, but we have the power to turn them around. A kinesiology balance is available to you at any time to discover what will best help you to be your best self, to be free of all the outer confusion and distress, to make you and your immune system better able to cope with the challenges of these turbulent times. Email me for an appointment. There is nothing to lose, only to be gained. Fully confidential. I am here for you. Balances via Skype, Zoom or even regular telephone have proven to be highly successful. Practical issues such as passing examinations or doing job interviews, as well as highly emotional issues such as the many forms of trauma, the loss of a child or spouse or any other life crisis can be gently, respectfully and effectively resolved. These may be addressed on four levels, as needed : present time, childhood and life experiences, generations back to the tenth generation of ancestors, and human inheritance from past ages. Don’t we all deserve health, happiness, and fulfillment of our highest potential, which is much higher than most of us imagine? Each one of us who moves closer to their best self helps the whole world. That is why we are here, isn’t it?

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