Pat’s Practical Principles for Perfect Health

  1. Eat organic! Good for your body and good for the world too!
  2. If it doesn’t grow, don‘t eat it! Processed foods, even if labeled as “organic” can include ingredients not good for you, and/or damaging to the environment
  3. Drink plenty of water (not mineral water!) We are usually dehydrated, which means stress for our cells. The kinesiology test does not work if water is insufficient, as signals within the body are not being properly transmitted. If adequate water is not available, the body takes it from the intestines and kidneys are very stressed. Liquids can be dehydrating, such as coffee, any drink with caffeine (including green tea!), any beverage with alcohol or other forms of sugar (including “natural “fruit juices!)
  4. Bless your food and ask your body to take only the good from it (and to expel the rest). Food includes the energy it absorbs as it is produced. Water is a great carrier of information, and we know that water is the main component of our cells and thus of our bodies. Imbuing your food with the vibrant energy of gratitude, blessing, love and life can help counteract any unhealthful information the food contains.
  5. Try not to eat after 6pm (at most, something light – broth, yoghurt). Why is it called breakfast? Because we let our digestive system rest by fasting during the night hours. When we start our new day and “break our fast”, we resume consumption of food which means work for our organs again. When we fast, we give our system a “break” and allow it to cleanse and recover. Foods consumed in the evening or late at night cannot be fully digested. Do we want undigested food sitting in our stomachs throughout the night, when we and our organs should be resting and recuperating?
  6. Avoid the inflammatory foods: sugar, wheat, corn (maize), soy, cow’s milk products, and of course the recreational toxins: alcohol, drugs, smoking. All of these, as well as processed foods with chemical additives, mean more work for our bodies. With the sum total of all the unhelpful elements we flood our bodies with, at some point it becomes too much for the immune system. Even if we feel no effect at the moment, we are still unnecessarily burdening our bodies.
  7. Avoid plastic – store your food in glass containers. Foods, especially any food containing fats or oils, absorb unnatural elements from plastics,since plastics are artificially made of oil. Many plastics also include molecules which are similar to estrogen. Hormones are very powerful. These chemicals cause confusion in the body, especially for men, and are one of the many factors contributing to compromised male fertility.
  8. Avoid fried, cured, pre-prepared foods. Frying foods at high temperatures produces damaging chemicals. Please refer to Principle Number Two! Cook your food slowly and lovingly at low temperatures. Avoid Teflon pans and scratched pans, which can release chemicals into your food.
  9. Read the labels and avoid chemicals, especially sodium nitrite, citric acid, corn syrup, artificial sweeteners. Sodium nitrite (found in ham, sausages and cured meats) is one of the many common cancer-causing additives you can look for on the list of ingredients. Try not to throw poisons at your organs!
  10. Chew thoroughly, leisurely, joyfully, gratefully. (I will never forget the journalist who observed this act of courage and caring: In a starvation area, an international agency was distributing food. All that was left for the last ones in the line was a banana. The older sister accepted it calmly, peeled it, broke it into three pieces for her three younger siblings, and for herself? She sucked on the peeling. I think of this every time I eat a banana and am so grateful that I was born in the prosperous part of the world.)
  11. Salt your food after you have cooked it! Salt changes its structure during cooking. Salt is acid-producing, increases blood pressure, is often disguised and overused to give flavor. Use Himalaya salt. Sea salt now often contains micro-plastic!
  12. Make it easier for your body to digest by eating only one type of food (e.g. soup, stew, salad, cooked vegetables, rice or pasta). Digestion is work!! (Animals who consume half a normal diet live much longer since their organs have had much less to metabolize. Through the process of metabolizing food, free radicals are released and cells age.)
  13. Drink water 30 minutes before your meal and no beverages during the meal itself.
  14. Digest one meal fully before consuming the next. This usually means three or flour hours. Let the digestive chemicals your body has released do their job before giving them another!
  15. Remember that we do not need meat or fish. The methods used to get animal protein Is destructive to the environment (esp. cattle, fishing) and a torment for the animals being raised. (Even if purely for self-interest, remember that the stress and fear chemicals in animal tissue is consumed by us, along with hormones, antibiotics, pesticides and chemicals used to keep our poor animal friends alive under horrendous conditions)
  16. Whatever you eat or drink, remember to enjoy it. Don’t worry or feel guilty! Your body is listening! Tell it, “Yes, I love you and I thank you for processing this food and drink for my highest good.” Then feel the joy of being able to consciously choose and freely decide and enjoy!

After the food principles, now the principles for general good health to keep in mind:

  1. Turn off your WiFi and mobile when not in use and always at night. Relieve your cells and your neighbors’ cells of this bombardment at least during the important hours of rest and cell repair.
  2. Better: Use cables for internet and phone to give everyone and their body a break.
  3. Minimize time spent on mobile phones, TV and internet and live for real in the real world!
  4. Wear blue light filter glasses when looking at a PC screen or TV to protect your eyes and your sleep cycle
  5. Breathe fresh air: both by exercising outside and by opening your windows (e.g. minimum five minutes every two hours for example)
  6. Get physical exercise you enjoy. Look at the sky. Feel the miracle of your body!
  7. Sit and stand with your backbone straight but relaxed. Move with awareness.
  8. Breathe from your belly, deeply filling your lungs with life-giving vitatlity.
  9. Get plenty of sleep so your body can repair and renew itself. Prioritize your health!
  10. Send love and thanks to every organ, especially your heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, spleen, intestines. These are the yin organs deep within the body which we cannot live without!
  11. Love yourself, everyone and everything – remember that every living being is a miracle
  12. Forgive yourself and everyone else – it is not about deserving forgiveness, it is about YOU being free of such toxins as resentment, hate, or victimhood, and YOU living in joy, peace and health
  13. Stop judging – Realize that everyone is doing the best they can with the state of consciousness they have. “Let the one who is without sin” and “There but for the grace of God go I” and “Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes…..” We can never know what each person is going through and what burdens they bear. Compassion brings balm to our hearts and light into the world.
  14. Gratefully harvest the fruits of the past and let the rest go (Byron Katie: Whatever bad thing that happened, “it is over!” and who knows if it did not bear fruit to make you who you are today?)
  15. Be your own best friend and greatest admirer – congratulate yourself on every small or large step forward, encourage yourself when things don’t work out as you’d hoped
  16. Laugh as often and as much as you can and let those lovely endorphins caress and strengthen your immune system. Remind yourself to take it all with a grain of salt and enjoy every moment.
  17. Set your creativity free – sing, dance, draw, paint, write, garden, design….The right brain sees the big picture and all the connections. This is where new solutions originate. Cultivate the greater YOU !
  18. Choose happy, peaceful thoughts (for the other thoughts – Wayne Dyer: “Cancel, cancel!”)
  19. In every relationship and before every action, ask “Does this honor me?” (Sandra Anne Taylor)
  20. Allow yourself to be human, and remember that “To err is human”. Be aware that this is the same for everyone else too. (Byron Katie: “Welcome to Planet Earth!”) Compassion will free you.
  21. Try to harvest the lessons from your learning steps (“mistakes”). Believe that it all had a purpose. Find that purpose which is for your growth and higher good, as you let the past rest inpeace.
  22. Honor your emotions – Allow yourself to vent and let out the frustration or anger, then return to equilibrium, calm and happiness as soon as you can. Don’t hold it in. Listen to its message. Then release it in a way which harms no one, a return to who you truly are – a magnificent being of love, power, creativity, peace and all the qualities you aspire to.
  23. Always choose “the best-feeling thought” (Esther Hicks/ Abraham) you can find in every situation